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Impact and evidence

In this section, you can find out more about our impact and evidence base at home, at school and at work.

We are committed to rigorous monitoring and evaluation of all our programmes to ensure that we’re having the maximum impact for families, schools, and workplaces.

We value and collect all forms of evidence, from national evaluations conducted in collaboration with research centres and university partners, to case studies with parents, teachers, and employees to understand the difference our work has made to their lives.

High Fives

Impact and evidence at home

All of our parenting programmes have at least one national or large-scale local evaluation showing improvements in outcomes for parents and/or children. Many of these were conducted in collaboration with university partners or research centres.

We are also really proud that practitioners enjoy delivering our programmes and parents love attending our groups. Check out our News Hub for some fantastic case studies, videos and testimonies.


If you are a practitioner delivering parenting groups and would like to evaluate the changes for parents and children before and after the group, please contact for spreadsheets to analyse TOPSE, SDQ and WEMWBS questionnaires. If you are a parent who has attended one of our programmes, and you want to share your experiences, please get in touch at


12-session programme for pregnant women with a BMI over 25 

The Nurturing Programme with Islamic Values

10-week parenting programme bringing together Islamic teachings with the Nurturing Programme

The Nurturing Programme for Parents in Prison

10-week parenting programme delivered in prisons across the UK


Impact and evidence at school

We have over 20 years’ experience working with education settings to improve the emotional health of parents, staff and pupils.


Read more below about how our work in schools has improved outcomes for staff, parents and pupils.


Whole-School Approach

We believe our work has the biggest impact when schools adopt a whole-school approach to emotional health, working with staff, pupils and parents to support the emotional health of everybody in the school community.

Staff Training

We offer a range of professional development courses, including workshops for trainee teachers and an online module.

Running Parent Groups in Schools

We offer training for staff (e.g. home/school link workers, safeguarding teams) to become Parent Group Leaders. This enables them to run our parenting programmes in their school.

Impact and evidence at work

Emotional Health at Work is a recent addition to our programmes and we are therefore still collecting evidence of its impact.


We hope that any organisation that takes part in a training course or workshop will be interested in participating in further evaluation of the programme.


Emotional Health At Work: Why it matters and how you can support it

You can read more about the research and theoretical basis of our work in a report that we have published in collaboration with the Institute of Public Policy Research.