We offer training courses in parenting programmes and approaches that allow practitioners to work professionally, confidently, effectively and safely with parents and children to improve their family relationships and emotional health. 

We provide programmes suitable for parents of children from -9 months to 18 years, underpinned by the Nurturing Programme and developing an understanding of behaviour in the context of relationships.

  • Antenatal

    Welcome to the World

    This 2 or 4-day training course provides practitioners with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to deliver the 8-week Welcome to the World programme for parents. The focus is on the emotional health of the parents and baby, and the relationships between them; and emphasises the importance of supportive, positive facilitation from the practitioner.

  • Early Years | Primary
    | Teenagers

    Parent Group Leader training 

    (10-week Nurturing Programme for Parents)

    This 4-day training course equips practitioners with everything needed to deliver the 10-week Nurturing Programme for parents. It focuses on facilitation skills as well as the content of the programme and includes a manual that gives clear and detailed step-by-step guidance for each session.

  • Early Years

    Parenting Puzzle Workshops

    This 1-day training course is for practitioners who have already trained as Parent Group Leaders and wish to offer a shorter intervention for parents of children under 5. The course provides the knowledge, skill and resources to deliver the four 2-hour workshops.

  • Teenagers

    Talking Teens

    This 1 or 2-day training course is for practitioners who wish to offer the 4-week Talking Teens programme for parents of teenagers. The groups focus on relationships within the family, communication, negotiating, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict.

  • All Ages

    Working One to One with Parents

    This 2-day training course promotes a consistent approach to developing family relationships and positive behaviour management strategies. It prepares staff to work effectively with parents using The Nurturing Programme on a one-to-one basis.

  • All Ages

    Parent Group Leader training with Islamic Values

    This specialist 5-day training course equips practitioners to deliver 10-week Nurturing Programme parent groups to all parents in the community. It increases the programme's relevance and meaning for the Muslim community by relating the content to Islamic Values.

  • Teenagers

    Understanding Teenagers

    This 1-day CPD course is for those working with parents of teenagers and/ or teenagers themselves. It provides an opportunity to understand teenage brain development and the adolescent developmental process.

  • All Ages

    Working with Families with Multiple Challenges

    (Previously known as Working with Families with Complex Needs.)

    This 1-day training course is for practitioners who have already completed the PGL training or the Working One to One with Parents training. It equips staff to work effectively with families who are experiencing particular challenges and to support them in developing and maintaining a consistent and positive approach.

  • All Ages

    Parenting, Culture and Religion

    This 1-day training is for practitioners working directly with families. It enables them to build successful relationships within a diverse community.

  • Early Years | Primary

    Playful Parenting Workshops

    This 1-day CPD training course is for practitioners who have already trained as Parent Group Leaders or Welcome to the World Group Leaders. The course provides the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver two 2-hour workshops to parents.

  • All Ages

    Other Specialist Programmes

    The Nurturing Programme for parents of children with a disability or special need.

    The Nurturing Programme for Parents in Prison.

  • All Ages

    Refresher Days

    This 1-day CPD course is for practitioners who have completed their training to deliver Parent Groups. It provides the opportunity to revisit the fundamental principles of the programme and enhance their parent support skills. Relevant updates and national initiatives will be included.

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