The Nurturing Programme with Islamic Values - End of Project Report 2019

The Nurturing Programme with Islamic Values is an adaptation of the Family Links 10-week Nurturing Programme, which promotes emotional health, relationship skills and positive behaviour management strategies for parents and carers. This adapted version considers the links between parenting and Islamic Values, bringing together Islamic religious teaching with the Nurturing Programme. The programme draws on extracts from the Quran and sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Muhammad to demonstrate how Islamic religious values complement positive parenting strategies.

With the support of two charitable foundations we were able to train volunteers from the UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) to deliver the programme in 21 different locations across England between 2016 and 2019. The volunteers were trained at a five day Family Links course to facilitate parent groups in their local mosques, where they then went on to deliver the programme to groups of both mothers and fathers.

This report outlines the findings from evaluation data returned from 43 Nurturing Programme with Islamic Values groups held between September 2016 and July 2019. The impact of the groups was assessed using a pre/post design, measuring changes in two key outcomes;

i) parental mental wellbeing

ii) parental protective factors

Both outcomes showed large and statistically significant improvements after parents completed the programme. Other key findings include:

· 88% of parents who completed the programme showed an improvement in their mental wellbeing.

· 85% of parents who completed the programme showed an improvement in their protective parenting behaviours.

· Before the group, 24% of parents felt confident they could set limits for their children without smacking them. After the group, this increased to 68% of parents.

· The inclusion of Islamic Values in the programme was rated as very important by 9 out of 10 parents who attended, and 32% of parents said they wouldn’t have been likely to attend a parenting programme without Islamic Values.

· 100% of parents said they would recommend the programme to other Muslim parents.

· The project reached 418 parents and at least 992 children.