Family Links' 25th Anniversary

2022 marks the 25th year since we were established to encourage and teach nurturing and relationship skills through schools, families and the wider community.

Follow this page throughout the year to see how we celebrate this milestone.




On 24th February we launched our first Emotional Health Awareness day to coincide with the date of our anniversary.  Through a social media and email campaign we encouraged everyone to think about their own emotional health and how they can support and develop it in others, whether in their family, in school or in their workplace.

We also welcomed two of the Family Links founders (Annette Mountford and Rosalind Portman) and our Chair of Trustees (Hilary Emery) into the office for a celebration tea break with cake.

Hilary, Annette, Sarah and Rozie at FL 25 tea break
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FL 25 Cake
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Annette and Rozie cutting FL 25 Cake
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The 4 Constructs or Building Blocks of the Nurturing Programme

To recognise the foundations of our work, each quarter this year, we will showcase one of the 4 Constructs or Building Blocks of the Nurturing Programme, which underpins all that we do - Self-Awareness, Appropriate Expectations, Positive Discipline and Empathy. These will feature on our website, in newsletters and on social media.

Self awareness construct.jpg

Self-awareness is a crucial building block for positive, constructive relationships and confident parenting. But what do we actually mean by self-awareness? 

Find out more and watch a little video clip.

25th Anniversary Conference

Building the Capabilities of Adults in Children’s Lives

Our national conference took place on 28th April at the Wellcome Collection near Euston in London.  We were thrilled to see so many friends and colleagues in-person on the day and were pleased that so many could join us online too. 


Our Patron, TV and radio presenter, Alexander Armstrong joined us to interview Dr Alenka Miles about her use of the Nurturing Programme in her work on the frontline of the NHS

Prof Eamon McCrory (Co-Director of the Developmental Risk & Resilience Unit at UCL) presented on the neuroscience of childhood trauma. (Watch his presentation:

Sally Hogg (Head of Policy and Campaigning at the Parent Infant Foundation) spoke about the importance of the earliest relationships.​ (Watch her presentation:

Ed Vainker (CEO of the Reach Foundation) talked about the cradle to career model at Reach Academy.

Dr Hilary Emery (Honorary Norham Fellow at Oxford University and Family Links Chair of Trustees) chaired a discussion on Education and Emotional Health.

Dr John Coleman (Former Director at the Trust for the Study of Adolescence) explored what teenagers need from the adults in their lives.

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