Family Links is a national charity that believes every child and parent deserves the best chance in life. We enable parents and teachers to become more effective, caring and confident in raising emotionally resilient and socially competent children.

Our dynamic approach tackles the root causes of social problems with the Nurturing Programme, which challenges intergenerational dysfunction. Since 1997, we have helped 100,000 families achieve profound changes by training family support workers.

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What's new?

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Training and events

We have training courses around the country including:

  • 16th October 2015, Developing Emotional Resilience Workshop in Oxford
  • 23rd October 2015, Parent Group Leader Refresher Day training in Barnet (London)
  • 18th, 19th & 25th, 26th November 2015, Parent Group Leader training in Manchester

Contact Lucy or look at our training calendar for practitioners working with parents or for schools training.