"My self-esteem has increased because I am aware now of my own personal power."

Lisa was 45 at the time of completing our Nurturing Programme. She grew up with an abusive mother, ran away from home at the age of 16 and went into a relationship that became abusive and went on for 12 years. She later married into a happy relationship and had two children, but still feared she would model her parenting on how she was brought up herself. 

"The Nurturing Programme for the first time in my life has really made me realise that in order to nurture my children I needed to nurture myself. The Parenting Puzzle is so easy to read and follow. My self-esteem has increased because I am aware now of my own personal power. I have let go of guilt [from my past]. It is facing these feelings that [means] I feel even more confident to help the children with theirs.

I have had so much difficulty in my whole life trying to express myself […] and then I discovered 'I' through the Nurturing Programme. I use it to praise my children, to express my feelings to my partner without making him feel inadequate, and I use it to praise myself. I find it so easy to use it now that it helps me to share my thoughts and feelings without sounding as if I am blaming others. I have now come through this course and I feel different. I feel I am a good mum but also a good person. I now feel the most complete I have ever felt. I feel confident that as a family we were not off the rails, but needed the help of the programme to bring to the front all the good things in our family.

I know what type of parent I want to be. I talk to my children with respect, and most importantly I praise all their efforts with encouragement and rewards. My goal is that my family will gain in strength and have a deep and meaningful relationship with each other and my grandchildren will have the loving and nurturing environment that we have worked so hard for."

Mum who attended the Nurturing Programme

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