Teacher Wellbeing Index 2020

This report was produced by Education Support.

Research for the 2020 Teacher Wellbeing Index took place during the (Covid-19) lockdown, when schools and colleges were mainly closed. Those that remained open continued to teach vulnerable children and those of key workers.

The findings of this report show that 38 % of all teachers surveyed believed that the culture had a negative impact on wellbeing, with 52% of educational professionals having considered leaving the profession due to strain on their mental health.

A staggering 53% of education professionals considered they did not have enough guidance about their mental health and wellbeing at work, with only 26% having access to Employee Assistance Counselling Services for mental health support at work.

It is vital that mental and emotional health is at the heart of all education policies in order to increase retention levels, staff morale, job satisfaction and motivation.

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