Oxford Schools Project - Year 1 Report 2019

This report outlines findings from Year 1 of a 2-year whole-school approach project, looking at staff and parent data returned (between September 2018 and July 2019) from three primary schools we have been working intensively with.

Key findings - Staff:

  • After a year of working in partnership with Family Links, 55% of staff showed an improvement in their mental wellbeing and 69% of staff showed an improvement in their social-emotional competence.

  • Focus groups highlighted that the workshops successfully facilitated a space for staff to strengthen and acquire new skills, learning practical strategies that were seen to have a tangible impact on interactions with pupils.

  • Positive changes were seen in relation to staff awareness around the importance of their own wellbeing and how this translates to their practice.

  • Staff observed positive changes to pupils’ emotional health, with children more able to reflect on and describe their emotions in challenging situations

Key findings - Parents:

  • After attending a Family Links parent group, 81% of parents reported an improvement in their mental wellbeing* and 75% showed an improvement in parenting confidence*.

  • 69% of parents reported an improvement in their engagement with the school*.

  • 75% of parents reported a decrease in the amount of anger and shouting at home and 63% of parents said the quality of their family relationships had improved.

  • 100% of parents said they would recommend Family Links parent groups to other parents.

  • The focus group highlighted the importance of the parent groups in providing a safe space for parents to share and connect with others.

  • All parents said the group exceeded their expectations.

  • The group facilitation skills of the class teachers were praised and seen to improve both the parents’ and teachers’ understanding of the children.