More play in the school day

A number of organisations including the British Psychological Society and the University of Sussex are calling for play to be prioritised in school. Here at Family Links the Centre for Emotional Health, we know that play supports the wellbeing of children and their ability to sustain healthy relationships and manage challenge. Two of our courses in particular focus on play.

Our Playful Parenting course has been designed for those who have already trained with us as parent group leaders and who wish to work with parents of children under 5 years and and of primary school age on the subject of play. The course provides the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver two, 2 hour workshops to parents and highlights the importance of play and of building attachment through play. It focuses on understanding child development, the brain and attachment

and looks at how play supports healthy development plus the value and benefits of different types of play.

Our Parenting Puzzle Workshops course also highlights the importance of play. This course is for trained parent group leaders and enables them to deliver four, 2 hour workshops for parents of children under 5 years old. It focuses on the importance of tuning into young children and the power of play and it promotes positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting. Parents are encouraged to develop an understanding of the importance of nurturing oneself and others in family relationships.

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To read more on the importance of play:

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