Looking after professionals who support others

All evidence points to the importance of looking after the teams in our workforce, but when our working life involves supporting others, such as parents/ carers, children/ young people, and the more vulnerable in our societies, then this becomes vital.

As we are all having to work in such different ways at the moment, we have put together additional ways to support organisations. We offer:

Bespoke Workshops

  • We discuss the content carefully with the person booking the training to ensure that it can best meet the needs of the organisation at the time

  • Can be delivered face-to-face following COVID-19 safety measures or online in an interactive way


  • 1-hour sessions delivered online (50 mins with a 10 mins Q&A at the end via chat)

Examples of topics covered include:

  • Building effective and healthy relationships at work

  • Managing stress and conflict individually and as a team

  • Laying the foundations of positive mental health and wellbeing

Find out more here.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our Workplace offer.