Happy World Children’s Day

Five children dressed as superheros, standing against a white background. Each child is dressed in a different colour; green, white and gold, red, blue and pink.

Today is Universal Children’s Day, an annual celebration of the world’s most widely ratified human rights treaty in history: the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each year Universal Children’s Day highlights awareness of children’s welfare around the world, providing an entry point for each of us to advocate for children's rights and help build a better world for children wherever they are.

Today is also the Convention’s 30th birthday. Since its inception in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has inspired governments to make commitments to their children by building a legal framework that protects and fulfils their rights. Rights such as health care, nutrition, safeguarding from violence or exploitation, and the right to be heard.

Today we will see children, parents, schools, businesses and governments around the world mobilise their communities to acknowledge and celebrate that achievement, although much work remains to be done.

Today is an important day in the Family Links calendar too. We celebrate and acknowledge the rights of children every day as we continue to deliver vital training – to schools, communities, homes and businesses - that helps children and adults to understand each other’s behaviours and what constitutes good relationships, to build robust emotional resilience and wellbeing, and to develop emotional strategies and skills that will help them to thrive both now and in the future.

We wish every child, everywhere, a very Happy World Children’s Day.