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Frontline: Parenting, Culture and Religion – Working with Muslim Families

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We enjoyed working with Frontline to deliver training to help student social workers explore the differences between culture and religion, and the impact of culture on parenting as well as on our own practice and safeguarding.

The students were very engaged with the content which stimulated interesting and thought provoking discussion. These are some of the thoughts they shared with us after the training:

"I have worked extensively with other cultures and so it was great to have these discussions and be reminded about things that I’d forgotten. Rowen was really great, a great facilitator and he put the information across really well. Thank you."

"Amazing session, thank you. We can take lots of new knowledge away with us and work on putting our own stamp on this when working with families."

"Engaging session, enjoyed the activities to make you aware of your own thoughts and how these may impact your work."

Frontline is a charity with a mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children by recruiting and developing outstanding individuals to be leaders in social work and broader society.

Visit their website to find out more:

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