"Family Links focuses on the adult as well as the child" - Francis, headteacher

We continue to invest in Family Links - Emotional Health at School, because quite simply it works. We want children to leave school reading and writing and with basic number skills, ready for secondary school. Family Links gives them the opportunities, self-belief and confidence to do that. It creates an arena where it’s safe to learn.

Some of our children come from challenging backgrounds but they know here they're safe and secure. When we had our Ofsted earlier this year, they didn’t believe that we had the challenging behaviour we were talking about, because it was so well-managed. We have a very good record for exclusions; only one in two years.

That’s just the behaviour, and Family Links is so much more than that. It’s about nurturing the staff, nurturing the community, wanting the best for them. That’s why Family Links is different to any other programme; it focuses on the adult as well as the child. It makes teachers realise you’ve got to be in a good place within yourself if you’re going to try and get the best out of children.

Francis, Oxford