Our work towards employee wellbeing and emotional health

The financial and business costs associated with poor mental health are well documented (I) and we know that across a number of factors UK employees report lower levels of emotional health compared to other economies across Europe (2).

Employee wellbeing and emotional health at work

We know that emotionally healthy teams work more collaboratively, build trust and communication, and support each other well during periods of challenge. Our Emotional Health at Work workshops are a recent addition to our programmes and we continue to collect evidence of their impact.

In collaboration with the Institute for Public Policy Research, we commissioned the Emotional Health at Work report which proposes a new framework for employers in support of emotional health.

The report found that:

  • One-fifth of UK employees report low self-beliefs.

  • Two-thirds of UK employees feel that they don’t deal very well with important problems in life.

  • Over one-fifth found that after something goes wrong it takes them a long time to get back to normal.


A number of organisations use our practical, interactive workshops to improve their communication and relationships, support staff work-life balance, and promote trust and collaborative working in their teams. After attending our workshops staff report feeling more engaged, motivated, and confident in using strategies to support the emotional health of themselves and their teams.

Here's a couple of quotes that show the impact of our workshops:

“I would be able to talk to someone at work if I had personal or family problems that might impact work”

👉 Before the training, 65% of staff agreed with this statement

👉 After the training, this increased to 92% of staff

“I have strategies I can use to manage difficult feelings at work”

👉 Before the training, 41% of staff agreed with this statement

👉 After the training, this increased to 77% of staff

You can find out more about our work in our 2019-2020 Impact Report, check it out!

(I) Hampson et al. (2017), (2) Family Links the Centre for Emotional Health (2018)