Our work with schools: A whole-school approach

Since September 2018 we have been working intensively to embed our whole school approach in three primary schools within Oxford. In each of the schools we have provided practical, interactive workshops and resources for staff, a social-emotional learning curriculum for pupils, staff CPD, and training to deliver our parenting programmes.

After a year of working in partnership with Family Links:

  • 55% of staff showed an improvement in their mental wellbeing.

  • 69% of staff showed an improvement in their social-emotional competence.

  • Staff observed positive changes to pupils’ emotional health, with children more able to reflect on and describe their emotions in challenging situations.

After attending a Family Links parent group:

  • 81% of parents reported an improvement in their mental wellbeing.

  • 75% of parents reported a decrease in the amount of anger and shouting at home.

  • 69% of parents reported an improvement in their engagement with the school.

  • The focus group highlighted the importance of the parent groups in providing a safe space for parents to share and connect with others.

" Even though in our parent group [the facilitators] were the class teachers of our children... that helped rather than being in the way... I think if anything it helped them as well, to see our children a bit differently in class. It felt like working together rather than having two separate things." - Parent

" I’ve certainly seen a change in the parents in my class that have been going to the parent group - that their interactions with their children have changed, which means the difficulties that I was having have either lessened or improved." - Teacher

You can find out more about our work in our 2019-2020 Impact Report, check it out!