Deb’s 60 things: fundraising for Family Links

Deborah is celebrating her 60th birthday by undertaking 60 special things as a fundraising activity for Family Links.

Earlier this year, Deborah Wallis surprised us with the news that she had decided to start a fundraising campaign to raise money for Family Links. She is entering her 60th year and wanted to do something special to mark it.

Deborah Wallis stands holding a Links tote bag, against a wall with the Family Links logo in the background

Deborah trained as a primary school teacher and after working in a school for a few years, she decided to make a change in her career and started working at her local government centre, where she set up Children’s Centres and organised family support services for those with young children. You can learn more about Deborah on this video.

The fundraising idea consists of doing 60 different things such as experiences, activities and challenges before her birthday in October. So far she has done 31 of them, including meeting a trainer at a secret location in Oxfordshire to learn about the four main needs for survival: shelter, food, water and fire (Thing Number Twenty Seven); flying without wings (Thing Number Twenty Four); learning how to make homemade pasta (Thing Number Twenty) and celebrating a friendship of 40 years (Thing Number Seven).

Deborah visited our offices last month and we were able to finally meet her in person and thank her for her altruistic gesture. We really enjoyed chatting with her and finding out more about the reasons behind her idea and her passions.

She knows that these are challenging times and has cancelled many of her plans because of COVID-19, but she is already working on alternatives and welcomes any idea that she can do from home!

We invite you to follow her adventures on Twitter @WallisDeborah and use the hashtag # debs60things to share her story and suggest new things that she can try!

Read more about the 60 things on her blog and support this initiative on Just Giving if you can.