Programme Overview

Playful Parenting Workshops

This is an overview of the 2-session programme that professionals who attend our one-day training course will deliver to parents.

Programme Summary

The course consists of two 2-hour workshops for groups of parents with young children and is usually delivered in children’s centres, schools or early years settings.

Programme Content

Week 1

  • What is Play?

  • Happy memories of play

  • Benefits of play

  • Types of play


Week 2

  • Child-led Play

  • Making everyday life more playful

  • Patterns of play

  • Setting Boundaries

Outcomes For Parents & Children

The aims of the programme are to improve family relationships and children’s social, emotional and cognitive development by:

  • Developing parents’ understanding of the importance of play and of building attachment through play

  • Increasing  parent’s understanding of child development, the brain, attachment and how play supports healthy development

  • To increase parents confidence using  child-centred play skills to support development and use cheap/free resources to create quality play opportunities

  • Promoting positive approaches to discipline and boundary setting

Resources For Parents