All webinars last 1-hour and are delivered via Zoom.

(Prerequisites for joining: internet connection and device with audio, e.g. laptop, mobile phone.)


Developing Emotional Resilience in your family and children

This webinar focuses on improving family relationships and supporting positive parenting.


Benefits of attending:

  • Practical strategies to use

  • Considering factors today which might undermine our children’s resilience

  • Understanding the role of relationships in building resilience

  • Exploring ideas for working together as a family

Cost per attendee is £25.00


Supporting ourselves and our children to manage difficult feelings

This webinar is an opportunity to consider how we might support ourselves and our families with expressing and managing  feelings in healthy ways.


Benefits of attending:

  • Exploring practical strategies for supporting emotional development

  • Recognizing the importance of making time for ourselves and finding ways to self-regulate

  • Considering how we communicate our difficult feelings and reflecting on our own habits

  • How to acknowledge and understand difficult feelings in our children/teenagers

Cost per attendee is £25.00


Managing boundaries in our families 

This webinar is an opportunity to reflect on our own experience of boundaries and to consider the experience we are providing for our children. Positive parenting with clear, kind and consistent boundaries can support children and teenagers to grow into confident, independent, responsible and responsive people.


Benefits of attending:

  • Reflecting on our parenting style

  • Exploring ways to keep adults in charge whilst respecting children’s feelings and helping them to think and act for themselves

  • Considering strategies for children of all ages, including teenage behaviour and its link to changes in the adolescent brain

  • How to create a family agreement

Cost per attendee is £25.00


Understanding Teenagers in our families

This webinar is for parents of teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers. It focuses on the latest findings on changes which occur in the teenage brain. Teenagers may appear to need their parents less at this time, when in reality they need us just as much, only in different ways.


Benefits of attending:

  • Learning about some of the changes in the teenage brain

  • Considering the role of adults in the lives of teenagers

  • Teenage parenting strategies

  • Supporting healthy emotional development in our teenagers

Cost per attendee is £25.00


Online Training Courses

We offer interactive training courses delivered via Zoom (please get in touch if you would like to discuss delivery via another platform).

(Prerequisites for joining: internet connection, device with audio and video.)

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