Mental and Emotional Health in Schools: Effective Strategies and Support

All-Through Schools | Online

This online course helps school staff recognise and respond to signs of poor mental health and support their own and other's emotional health. It takes 45-90 minutes to complete.

Learning Outcomes


On completion of this workshop, staff will: 

  • Recognise and respond to signs of poor mental health

  • Understand boundaries and professional responsibilities

  • Understand the importance of following safeguarding procedures

  • Have strategies to support heir own and other's emotional health

Workshop Overview

Knowledge is consolidated with interactive content: case studies, role play and dialogues.

Interactive content, encouraging participants to reflect on their own experiences and think about how the strategies can be used in their own school context.

Content is supported by statistics, research evidence and current policy recommendations.

Trialled with education and mental healthy professionals (teachers, school leaders, school counsellors and clinical psychologists).

The course takes 45-90 minutes and it doesn't need to be completed in one go: participants can leave and return to the course where they left off.

One licence per user per year.

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"I'm not an expert on mental health but I want to know how to respond to kids who are struggling."

"Love the range of practical activities, underpinned by theory and the range of credible sources."

"Lots of great opportunities to pause and reflect independently or with colleagues."

"Incredible value for money when schools are facing tight budget restrictions."

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