National Conference 2022

Building the Capabilities of Adults in Children’s Lives

Thursday, 28th April 2022

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Video recordings

(Note: some clips have low sound volume, please turn your volume up or use headphones.)


1. "Introduction to Emotional Health and Family Links' 25 year journey" - Sarah Darton (18:40 mins)

2. "The neuroscience of childhood trauma through a social transactional lens" and Q&A - Prof Eamon McCrory (34:24 mins)

3. "The Importance of Early Relationships – and its implications for policy and practice" - Sally Hogg (22:08 mins)

4. "Getting It Right from the Start" - Ed Vainker (17:59 mins)

5. "Education and Emotional Health - supporting cultures where relationships and learning can thrive" - Dr Hilary Emery, Bea Stevenson, Liz Burton and Jane Godby (41:19 mins)

6. "Teenagers need support from adults: how can we maximise the impact?" - Dr John Coleman (25:25 mins)

7. "Dr Alenka Miles (consultant anaesthetist) in conversation with patron Alexander Armstrong, on her journey using the Nurturing Programme personally and professionally in the NHS" and Q&A (24:15 mins)

Q&A Sessions

Morning Speakers - Sally Hogg and Ed Vainker (19:53 mins)

Afternoon Speakers - Hilary Emery, Bea Steveson, Liz Burton, Jane Godby and John Coleman (6:36 mins)