Managing Difficult Feelings Training

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This practical, interactive workshop can be a full day, a half-day or a twilight session. The focus is on feelings driving behaviour and on strategies which can both support the emotional health and wellbeing of the pupils and provide options for staff when managing challenging moments.

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"I really liked reflecting on our role as co-regulators for the children and realize that I often have inappropriate expectations of children and their ability to self-regulate quickly."

"Such a helpful session - I feel empowered with new strategies for supporting pupils and parents."

Learning Outcomes


On completion of this workshop, staff will be able to:

  • reflect on behaviour as a communication of feeling/need

  • understand the importance of empathy and attunement

  • support pupils in their development of self-regulation

  • provide clear boundaries, kindly and firmly

  • reflect on their role as adults modelling healthy relational habits

  • consider their own difficult feelings and strategies to manage these

Workshop Overview

This practical and interactive workshop explores how feelings drive behaviour, taking examples from the group and working these through together. Strategies to increase the language of feelings and emotions through daily interactions and habits will be introduced and practised. The role of staff in supporting the development of self-regulation in all pupils is also explored.

Training Specification

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Impact & Evidence

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