Programme Overview

Healthy & Active Parenting Programme in the Early Years (HAPPY)

This is an overview of the 12-session programme that professionals who attend our 4-day training course will deliver to parents.

Husband embracing his pregnant wife, with his hand on her baby bump

Programme Summary

This 12-session programme was developed with Born In Bradford for pregnant women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25 with the aim of reducing childhood obesity. There are six sessions antenatally and six sessions postnatally, ideally attended by both parents.

Programme Content

The programme focuses on the following areas:


  • Parents confidence and wellbeing

  • Parenting practices, parenting skills and parenting styles

  • Maternal diet – pregnancy and post pregnancy

  • Infant diet

  • Maternal physical activity

  • Infant physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Outcomes For Parents & Children

  • Infants with a healthy weight

  • Confident and informed parents

  • Healthy family diet

  • Mothers feeling confident about how, what and how much to feed their infants – and doing it!

  • Infants receiving a healthy diet

  • Mothers being active and providing opportunities for physical activity for their children

Resources For Parents

Parents are provided with handouts for each session.

Impact & Evidence


Click link for evidence to support the effectiveness of the Healthy and Active Parenting Programme in the Early Years.