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Emotional Health Day
24th February 

Established on 24th February 1997, Family Links the Centre for Emotional Health is a national charity whose vision is for everyone to live an emotionally healthy life.

We promote an approach to life and relationships that equips and supports families and communities to be emotionally healthy.

We provide high quality training courses and resources for professionals working with families, parents and carers in a variety of settings.

In conversation with Peter (Chief Executive) and Rowen (Director of Training) about emotional health and our Emotional Health Awareness Day

What is emotional health?

Emotional health is the set of skills and beliefs that shape our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is affected throughout our lives by our own relationships and our experience of the relationships around us.


Good emotional health is the ability to be aware of, to understand and to manage our whole range of emotions. Positive relationships support us to build healthy beliefs about ourselves and others.

24th February 2023 is #EmotionalHealthDay

Mark the day with our 7 Point Plan 

In order to promote good emotional health Family Links is asking everyone to make Emotional Health Awareness Day a special day and take half an hour to consider the following simple ways to mark the day.

1.     Take a moment to notice how you are feeling today. What might “looking after myself well today” look like?


2.     What sorts of things have a settling effect on you?  Make a list of your top 3 (e.g. going for a walk outside, having a long bath, chatting with a friend).


3.     Think about any difficult feelings or unresolved issues that you carry around with you. Is it time to express them or let them go? Who can help you with this?


4.     What might you do to nurture the important relationships in your life today, whether with family, friends or colleagues?


5.     Make a plan to catch up properly with a good friend you haven’t seen for a while.


6.     Plan a fun activity with family or friends, or something you find nurturing for yourself.


7.     Listen really well to those around you today.

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