Online National Conference 2022

Building the Capabilities of Adults in Children’s Lives

10:00 - 16:00 (BST), Thursday 28th April 2022

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Schedule of the Day

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Speaker Biographies

Eamon McCrory (prov).jpg

Prof Eamon McCrory is Professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology at UCL. His research uses brain imaging and psychological approaches to investigate the impact of childhood maltreatment on emotional development and mental health. The aim of his work is to understand how and why mental health problems can unfold, and how we might intervene to promote more resilient outcomes for children.

Sally Hogg.png

Sally Hogg is currently Head of Policy and Communications at the Parent-Infant Foundation, where she leads work to raise awareness of the importance of the earliest years, and to drive change at a local and national level. Sally coordinates the All-Party Parliamentary Group for conception to age 2 and chairs the First 1001 Days Movement, a campaigning alliance of over 200 charities and professional bodies.


Resources & Materials

Virtual Delegate Pack:

Speaker Presentations:

  1. "Introduction to Emotional Health and Family Links' 25 year journey", Sarah Darton

  2. "The neuroscience of childhood trauma through a social transactional lens", Prof Eamon McCrory

  3. "The Importance of Early Relationships – and its implications for policy and practice", Sally Hogg

  4. "Getting It Right from the Start", Ed Vainker

  5. "Education and Emotional Health - supporting cultures where relationships and learning can thrive", Dr Hilary Emery, Bea Stevenson, Liz Burton and Jane Godby

  6. "Teenagers need support from adults: how can we maximise the impact?", Dr John Coleman

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